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SVR™ Surface Velocity Radar gun


   This unique radar gun is specifically designed to measure the surface velocity of water. Great for use in streams and rivers. The data communication port allows you to use the gun with a large display sign or a personal computer.

Standard package includes…  
  • Radar gun (yellow handle with black top)
  • Surface velocity operational software
  • Communication port (not active)
  • Angle guide
  • Black & Decker VersaPak 2-port battery charger with two rechargeable batteries (model VP135)
  • Operator’s manual
  • Certification.
  • Hard case
  • One-year full warranty

Face Panel

The face panel includes a 3-digit speed display and three buttons: menu, select, and power. Using the "menu" and "select" buttons you can control display backlighting, cosine correction, serial communication output mode, and high / low speed range settings.

Angle Guide

There are times when you have to point the radar gun at an angle to read your target. This angle introduces what is known as a cosine error. You can eliminate (or greatly reduce) this error by setting the angle correction software for a particular angle and then aiming the radar gun at that angle.