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Speed Interface™, Model 1


   This product consists of a computer board and a microwave transceiver. It is engineered to interface with your products and to process raw Doppler signals generated by the microwave transceiver. Effective speed ranges are 1 - 80 MPH and 5 - 120 MPH (or equivalent).

Standard package includes…  
  • Computer (PC board)
  • K-band antenna unit in an enclosure
  • 77.6 MPH test fork
  • Operator’s manual
  • Certification
  • RS232, 1200 baud
  • 30-foot antenna cable with a Molex connector for connecting the antenna module to the computer module (PCB)
  • 18-inch power / serial communication cable with a Molex connector (Molex connector carries both power and data)
  • Cardboard packing box
  • One-year full warranty

Factory default settings:

  • Sensitivity set on high for longest distance range
  • Units of measure set on MPH (miles per hour)
  • Speed range set on 15 - 120 MPH
  • Application filter is set for road traffic
  • Data sent when speed changes by one unit of measure
  • Data output format set to standard ASCII characters (hundreds, tens, ones, carriage return)
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