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Galaxy™ Series RT-50


Every jurisdiction suffers from one or more traffic areas where ignoring the posted speed limit creates huge safety issues. Areas such as these benefit highly from reliable, affordable around-the clock re-enforcement. The Decatur Galaxy™ RT-50 provides the solution you need. This radar speed trailer has an open design, with a super-bright LED display to remind motorists to check their speed. It can be easily transported to any location where excessive speeding creates a safety risk: school zones, neighborhood throughways, construction zones and high-accident areas. With the optional solar panel, you will add extra deployment time. Both the LED display of speed and the speed limit signs are highly visible, meeting the height requirements of the USDOT for maximum safety and motorist visibility.

Contact Decatur today for information about purchasing a Galaxy RT-50 as a transportable solution to traffic safety in your community.

Optional Equipment:

  • Solar Panels
  • Combination ball/pintle tow hitch
Technical Specfiications  
  • Approach Only Radar: picks up oncoming traffic
  • Characters: Two Characters (13" wide x 18" high), legible from 1,000 feet
  • LEDs: High output amber LEDs (red optional) with a viewing angle of 25+ degrees makes for a wide viewing angle
  • Photocell on bottom of cabinet automatically varies the LED brightness to ambient light levels
  • Batteries: The battery bank has a capacity of 225 amp-hours at 12 VDC. The unit uses two (2) 6 VDC deep cycel batteries wired parallel/series to obtain 12 volts
  • On-board 12 VDC 25/30 AMP battery charger is ready to plug into 110v AC commercial power source to re-charge the batteries
  • Ability to operate for 14 days on a single charge without solar panels or indefinitely with solar charging system and regular periods of sunlight
  • Regulatory Speed Limit Sign: 24" x 30" with double-sided exchangeable numbers
  • Graffiti resistant, powdercoat paint on trailer

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