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Prospeed™ CR-1K Professional sports radar

   No other sports speed radar made comes close to matching the professional performance and affordable price of the new PROSPEED™ CR-1K. It can measure the speed of almost anything that moves with pinpoint accuracy! Tracks peak and continuous speeds. Great for sports, fund raising and speed analysis!

The Prospeed™ CR-1K is available in your choice of five colors.

Standard package includes…  
  • Prospeed CR-1K radar gun with yellow handle and black top
  • Operational software
  • Units of measure in MPH (miles per hour)
  • Black&Decker VersaPak two-port charger with two rechargeable batteries
  • 61 MPH test fork
  • Operator’s manual
  • Certification
  • Cardboard packing box / carrying case
  • One-year full warranty on radar, two-year full warranty on batteries