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Antennas / Tripod
AC-DC Power Converter       (P702-21-0)

For when you want to use AC power (power from a wall socket).


Bescor Battery Pack: 3-amp hour       (P702-29)

(small battery on the left)


Bescor Battery Pack: 7-amp hour       (P702-30)

(battery in the middle)


Bescor Battery Pack: 12-amp hour       (P702-31)

(large battery on the right)


Black&Decker® VP110       (P702-VP100-Bulk)

Single VersaPakÔ rechargeable battery.


Black&Decker® VP135       (P702-VP135)

Two-port VersaPakÔ battery charger with two rechargeable batteries.


Black&Decker® VP140       (P702-VP140)

Two-port VersaPakÔ in-car battery charger (batteries not included).


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