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Galaxy™ Series MT-50

   When 24-hour speed enforcement needs a reliable, affordable reinforcement, the Decatur Electronics Galaxy Radar/Message Trailer is the answer.

A combination radar speed trailer and message sign, the Galaxy™ Radar/Message Trailer can be deployed to assist in the regulation of an established speed limit with its radar component or simply used as a two-line changeable message sign. With the optional addition of components such as a Solar Panel for assisted power, a Cellular Modem Package for superb remote access, a Pager Activation System (PAS) for limited remote access, a Safety Warning System (SWS) for an audible warning to motorists, or a combination hitch that is versatile for any towing vehicle, the Galaxy Radar Trailer is a revolutionary tool for monitoring and enforcing traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Technical Specfiications  
  • Use as Radar, Message Sign or Arrowboard Trailer;

  • Custom or pre-canned messages;

  • Full size Arrowboard characters;

  • Approach Only Radar: picks up oncoming traffic;

  • Characters: 2 lines of 7 LED 12" high characters, legible from 750 feet;

  • High output Amber LEDs with sunshades toprevent direct sun washout;

  • Cabinet: riveted, aluminum sheet metal;

  • Battery Box: vented steel battery box has lockable lid with stainless steel hinges.
    Box holds up to 8 batteries and an on-board charger. Battery box has room for traffic counter to be mounted inside and store pneumatic tubes when not in use;

  • Batteries: 6 VDC deep cycle golf cart type batteries wired for 12 VDC;

  • Battery Charger: fan-cooled 25A, 12 VDC charger comes standard;

  • Operate for 10 days without solar charging system;

  • Lift sign into up position by heavy duty hand cranked winch with 1/4" aircraft cable;

  • Regulatory Speed Limit Sign: 30" x 24" with changeable numbers retracts behind message sign.

Standard package includes…

  • Trailer, 2-lines
  • 8 Batteries
  • 25-amp Charger
  • Speed Limit Sign
  • SI-2 Radar
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