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The GEMINI™ Headliner Overhead Video System for Crown Victorias

   A Revolutionary "In-Car Police Video System"

What's the importance of "in-car video"?
The theory is simple; by eliminating all of the catalysts that plague the modern day mobile video system, and by using a professional grade VCR that was designed for the purpose of recording live events, the result will be a reliable system that consistently records high quality evidence every time. The GEMINI "Overhead System" concept allows the superior quality of SONY Hi-8 to be utilized through the entire department.

Standard package includes…

  • SONY EVO-250 Hi-8 Recorder
  • SONY EVI-400 CCD Camera
  • Wireless Audio Transmitter /
    Receiver with Leather Belt Holster
  • Control Panel with active matrix color monitor
  • Overhead Console with mounting brackets
  • Dual audio playback
  • Enhanced Record Over Protection
  • Interior microphone

Hi-8 vs. VHS . . .
Recorded evidence for the purpose of judicial prosecution must be of the highest quality available. The recorded tape in many cases becomes the only source of evidence in a "he said/she said" controversy.

 VHS VCRs were created for the entertainment market in order to watch pre-recorded movies. SONY developed the 8mm which improved to become the Hi-8 format recorder, solely for the purpose of recording live events as they take place. This format records at nearly twice the resolution of any VHS format VCR. The law enforcement industry is taking advantage of this high resolution technology. Hi-8 doesn't lie!

Only 30 minutes to set up!

The installation of the Gemini Headliner video system is totally non-invasive to the vehicle, requiring no additional modification or drilling of any kind. The basic installation of the Gemini should take approximately 30 minutes. To prepare the vehicle for install, remove the police and factory dome light and the clips that hold the sun visors. Run the Gemini wiring harness along the head liner, down the passenger side windshield pillar to the passengers side kick panel. To mount the overhead, follow the instructions below:
1. Install Gemini mounting backet in place of the factory dome light;
2. Install the Gemini visor brackets under the mounting clips;
3. Connect dome light and harness to overhead and insert overhead into brackets;
4. Secure rear mounting screw;
5. Secure side brackets.

Once the overhead unit is securely mounted, connect power and ground wires at the passenger side kick panel using the factory Ford terminals. The basic install is complete!

Enhanced record over protection . . .
The Gemini's Enhanced Record Over Protection Micro Controller is designed to protect recorded evidence f rom being accidentally erased in the vehicle. This feature also ensures that once the operator has reviewed the recorded evidence, the system will automatically seek the end of the recorded evidence and set the recorder in the RECORD / PAUSE mode. This will insure that the system is ready to instantly record upon initiation of the next event. This will prevent unwanted record activation delays.

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