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Genesis-VP™ Traffic safety radar gun


   This revolutionary new cordless radar gun gives you built-in quality, convenience, and top performance. Powered by two Black & Decker® VersaPak™ rechargeable batteries, the Genesis-VP™ gives you hours of performance on a single charge. Ideal for motorcycles!

Standard package includes…  
  • Genesis-VP™ Radar Gun
  • Communication port (not active)
  • Stationary operational mode software
  • Units of measure are MPH (miles per hour)
  • 2-port in-car charger and 2 batteries
  • 77.6 & 33.2 MPH (miles per hour) test forks set
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Radar certification document
  • Cardboard packing box / carrying case
  • Two-Year Full Warranty


The balance and feel of the Genesis-VP™ radar gun is superb! The handle, which is modeled after Black & Decker® power drills, is made of high strength ABS plastic and uses a reliable locking device to hold the batteries securely in place. The antenna itself is precision machined from solid aircraft aluminum.

We think you will agree ... the Genesis-VP™ is built to last.

Battery System

These rechargeable / interchangeable Ni-Cad batteries are the same ones used in many of Black & Decker's® power tools, household products and lawn and garden products. They are easy to use and last for hundreds of charges. Best of all, they are inexpensive and usually available locally.

Chargers Available:
Two-Port Wall Socket Charger
Two-Port Cigar Plug Type Charger

Hours of performance on a single charge!

Top Performance

The Genesis-VP™ gives you excellent distance range, quick target acquisition, and pinpoint accuracy.

Simple Operation

The Genesis VP™ is set-up to be used right out of the box. If you wish you can easily adjust sensitivity (distance range), squelch, audio volume, and back lighting using the "menu" and "select" buttons. To track the faster target, just press the FAST button.

Strongest signal or faster target

For years radar guns could display only the speed of the vehicle returning the strongest signal. Now the Genesis-VP™ lets you track and lock the speed of the vehicle with the strongest signal return or the speed of the faster moving vehicle.


Speed lock and track through

Genesis-VP™ allows you to acquire your target instantly, lock-in its speed, and continue tracking.


Ideal for use on motorcycles

Weighing just over 2 pounds, the Genesis-VP™ is ideal for motorcycle use since it is water-resistant and has no cord to get in the way.


Communication Port

Optional communication port enables connection of speed display signs, in-car video systems, and personal computers.


The Genesis-VP™ comes with hardware that allows you to mount your gun on a tripod.