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Genesis-VP™ Directional Traffic safety radar gun


   Direction selectivity has always been a feature of moving radar. As you know, in moving-mode (opposite-direction), the radar only shows the speed of on-coming traffic. Similarly, same-direction moving- mode only shows vehicles travelling in the same direction as the patrol car. Now, Decatur expands this direction selectivity to stationary radar.  

Standard package includes…  
  • Police hand held radar unit for K-band operation.
  • Directional Capability
  • VersaPak™ Battery System.
  • Two 3-digit display windows and icon indicators with back light.
  • 5 button rubber keypad with back light.
  • Non-locking trigger switch.
  • Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), Low Voltage, & Error Condition Detectors.
  • Adjustable Audio/Squelch and Sensitivity control.
  • Back Light control.
  • RS232 Serial Communication.
  • Flash Memory.
  • Track Through Lock.
  • Speed Units: MPH or KPH.
  • Standard Speed Range, 5-200 MPH, 8-320 KPH.
  • Two second data hold time.
  • Automatic Power Down after 30 idle minutes.


  • Unlike previous handguns, the operator can selectively monitor traffic coming toward, moving away, or both directions simultaneously!  When in "directional" mode, vehicles moving toward you are indicated with a "t," vehicles moving away from you with an "A."

  • Directionality dramatically enhances the target selection process. If the radar is set to "towards" mode, it will only track vehicles coming towards the radar. All vehicles going "away" are ignored!!

  • In heavy traffic situations, the operator can choose to make traffic moving in one direction "invisible" to the radar, thereby concentrating on the most problematic lane.

  • In other radars, "same direction" capability is added to the software to give the operator capability to read traffic moving in either direction while in moving mode.

  • The GVP DIRECTIONAL gives the operator the option to easily select and focus on vehicles going away from or coming toward him/her from a single, stationary patrol position.

  • Of course, the faster target feature is also available and may be used simultaneously with directionality. The radar will identify the strongest target, and the next strongest target which is also going faster than the original target.