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Gemini™ In-Car Video Solution Two-Piece Console

    A Revolutionary "In-Car Police Video System"

The Solution to:

  • Cramped Interiors
  • Installation in Multiple Vehicle Models
  • Quick, Easy Installation and Maintenance

The Concept:

Eliminate all of the problems that plague the modern day trunk-mounted mobile video system - moisture, dirt, temperature extremes and road grime. Utilize live-event Sony Hi-8 recording technology. The result - a safe, reliable system that consistently records the high quality evidence your department demands.

The Gemini In-Car Video Solution utilizes one of the highest quality cameras on the market today.

The small size of the monitor allows for convenient mounting in multiple locations - a problem most VHS recorders can't address due to their large size.

Compare...Gemini Console Hi-8 Video System Gemini Console Hi-8 Video System VS. Trunkmount VHS Systems

Gemini Headliner Hi-8 Video System

Trunkmount VHS Systems

  • Two-Piece (no trunk mount)
  • 30-45 Minute Installation (Less Time & Money)
  • No Climate Control Accessories Required
  • Minimum Exposure to Dust in Driver Compartment
  • No Space Problem with Complete oSystem Mounted Almost Anywhere
  • Utilizing PanaVise Mounting Brackets
  • Easy Access to System within Vehicle's Interior
  • Sony Hi-8 Format Designed for the Recording of Live Events
  • 400 Lines of Resolution
  • Depth Multiplexing Allows for Twice othe Amount of Recorded Information
  • Hi-8 Tapes Can Be Re-Used 50+ Times
  • Less Wires to Cut, Less Holes to Drill (Non-Invasive)
  • Easy to Remove for Relocation & Service Means Less Down Time (Easy Removal of Camera & Recorder for Service)


  • Multiple Pieces (vault required)
  • 4-8 Hour Minimum Installation (More Time & Money)
  • Heater & Fan Necessary to Help Control Temperature Which Adds More Current Requirements
  • Definite Exposure of Vault to Excessive Moisture Dirt & Road Grime Takes Up Valuable Trunk Space
  • Inconvenient Trunk Location Means Difficulty in Changing Tapes
  • VHS Format Means Large Tapes with oLimited Re-Use & Poor Quality
  • Approx. 200 lines of Resolution (Not Intended for Live Recording)
  • VHS Have Limited Lifetime and become visually "grainy" after reuse of only a handful of times
  • Major Install (More Time and Money)
  • Difficult & Time Consuming to Remove for Service


The Gemini Console Hi-8 In-Car Video System features a two-piece design, which allows for versatile installations. The Sony Hi-8 video recorder, tucked away in a robust, yet easily mounted, case (at left) fits almost any law enforcement vehicle. No limits!

Detail Views of the Gemini Console In-Car Video System

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