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The GEMINI™ In-Car Video Solution One-Piece Headliner for Chevy Impalas

   A Revolutionary "In-Car Police Video System"

The Concept:

Eliminate all of the problems that plague the modern day trunk-mounted mobile video system - moisture, dirt, temperature extremes and road grime.

Utilize live-event Sony Hi-8 recording technology. The result - a safe, reliable system that consistently records the high quality evidence your department demands.

Hi-8 tapes are a fraction of the size of a normal VHS tape. You can store five Hi-8 tapes in the same storage space needed for one VHS tape.

The SONY Hi-8 video recorder and the "guts" of the Gemini Video System are hidden safely inside the unit, allowing for a cleaner, more sleek exterior design. No more trunk mount and no more messy cables!

Adding to the safety and stability of the Gemini Hi-8 In-Car Video System, the brackets and suction cups (at right) allow the unit to be installed in less than 20 minutes while maintaining integrity inside the car.

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