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Office Protection

Dynavision® 300

Desk-top conveyorized X-ray scanner with Colour Monitor.

Maximum Parcel Size: 15.5"w x 7.75"h x 26.5"d

Overall Dimensions: 17.75"w x 15.5"h x 28.5"d

Letterbomb Detector

Metal detector for scanning bomb parts in letters and courier packs.

Maximum Parcel Size: 15.75"w x 2.75"h

Overall Dimensions: 19/25"w x 15.25"h x 15.13"d


Table top X-ray scanner. Direct view; fluoroscopic. Non-conveyorized. Powerful 90kV generator. Safe, effective. Can screen multiple items simultaneously.

Maximum Parcel Size: 16.5"w x 12.75"h x 20"d

Overall Dimensions: 22"w x 30.75"h x 18.5"d

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