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    Telecase is the latest development in the range of Britannia 2000 surveillance systems. The basic Telecase is fitted with a 10in active colour LCD screen, a Hi8 video cassette recorder, rechargeable battery pack, and a SearchProbe camera connector. All Telecases are designed to allow easy upgrade.

The Telecase L is fitted with all the above equipment plus an L (or S ) Band 16 channel microwave receiver, complete with antenna. The Telecase can be fitted with up to 3 extra camera connectors. A switcher enables the operator to select which source (camera or microwave) is displayed on the screen. Any source displayed can be recorded on the VCR. Each camera connector provides +12vdc power for the camera and routes its video to the source select switch.

The Telecase L (or S) is also prewired for audio recording and has a built-in loudspeaker and a headphone jack socket. Connecting a headphone to the Telecase switches off the loudspeaker. In addition, video and audio output sockets are provided so that the displayed video can be shown on large screen monitors or connected to the Britannia RBR high power S Band re-broadcast repeater for long-distance transmission.


  • Built in 10in high resolution active LCD monitor
  • Built in Hi8 video cassette recorder
  • Built in SearchProbe camera driver
  • Prewired for L or S band microwave receiver
  • Second microwave receiver option
  • Multi camera input option
  • Outputs for re-broadcast by hi-power microwave
  • Optional CellSend to transmit images over GSM
  • Ruggedised, built to MIL specifications
  • Weatherproof


Telecase LS has both L and S Band microwave receivers fitted and can be used to monitor direct transmissions from Britannia remote cameras and also receive pictures which have been re-broadcast by the Britannia RBR repeater.

An option for the Telecase is the built-in CellSend transmitter. CellSend will transmit the displayed pictures to a remote site using a built-in GSM cellular modem. CellSend is pre-programmed with the telephone number of the receiver base station, which can be anywhere in the world. A simple button push initiates the transmission. Alternatively, the base station can dial into the Telecase and initiate transfer, again by simply pushing a button which corresponds to the outstation telephone number. Up to 100 Telecases can be serviced from a single base station.

A second option is remote camera control. The Telecase Remote Handset (TRH), plugs into the SearchProbe connector and can control the Britannia MAVIS remote camera head, using its built-in VHF radio data link. The pictures transmitted from the MAVIS are received on the Telecase microwave receiver.

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