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   Specialist Surveillance Lenses

    Britannia 2000 has considerable experience in the application of long focal length lenses for specialist applications, such as Positive Identification, Long-Range Surveillance and Target Tracking. Britannia supplies complete system packages including tripods, masts, vehicle fits and portable systems.

Target Tracking lenses are available with precision boresights, up to 10,000mm focal length and up to 300mm aperture. Formats include 35mm still frame, 70mm cine and all video formats.
Multiple focal length and zooms are available with calibrated fields of view and microprocessor interfaces for direct connection to kinetheodolites or radar control computers.
Applications include range safety, trials, radar boresight cameras and fire control systems.


Long-range Surveillance lenses include par focal, multifocal length and zooms with apertures from 100mm to 300mm. Typical lenses have 150mm apertures and a 300-3,000mm zoom. All video formats are covered and many versions are compatible with 35mm still-frame photography.
These lenses normally have motorised zoom and focus. They are designed for ease of use and require the minimum of maintenace.
Ideal for police, Military and Customs use.

Medium-range Surveillance lenses include fixed, multifocal length and zoom. Apertures are 100-200mm with focal lengths between 300-3,000mm. Typical lenses have 100mm apertures and vary between 1,000-3,000mm maximum telephoto; they are mainly manual zoom and focus.
All video formats are covered and many versions are compatible with 35mm still-frame photography. These lenses are designed to be lightweight and simple to use.
Ideal for Police, Military, Environmental Agency and Customs use.

Low-light Surveillance lenses have relatively short focal lengths, 500-1,500mm with large 300mm apertures. The lenses are compatible with all night vision devices and are used where totally passive observation is required. Ultra fast coatings allow maximum light transmission.
Lenses are available with motorised focus and focal length change.

General-purpose Surveillance lenses have fixed focal lengths from 100-1,200mm. Traditional refractive lenses with ND spot filter as standard and motorised focus and iris options.
Video and 35mm formats also available.

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