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   Specialist surveillance cameras

Specialist surveillance cameras

Black Nite 2 - with built-in covert infra-red illumination
Black Nite 3 -
with built-in microwave transmitter and operational microphone.

The Black Nite range of cameras is the latest in a range of specialist cameras designed for covert and semi-covert surveillance, with true 24-hour performance. Built in high performance Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) provide the camera with its own illumination. No external infra-red or white lights are required.

The camera is small, only 63mm square and 35mm deep, and can be supplied fitted with a selection of lenses to meet operational requirements. High and low power versions are available. Use low power when close range observation, from 100mm to 2m, is required, e.g. animal behavioural studies, wildlife monitoring. For normal surveillance, the Black Nite is supplied with high power LEDs.

The Black Nite 3 also includes a microwave transmitter which will transmit the pictures up to 200m in open space. If the optional microphone is fitted, then the audio is also transmitted.

The standard camera is supplied with an 8mm lens giving a 32 field of view, and a nominal range of 15m, depending on target reflectance. The table shows alternative lenses .

  • Operates in total darkness
  • Built-in covert IR LED illuminators
  • 15mw microwave transmitter with 200m range available
  • No change in focus between day and night operation
  • Choice of lenses for different applications
  • Compact
  • High quality glass lenses
  • 12vdc operation for portable applications
  • Simple to use
  • Weather resistant option
  • Audio option
  • Compatible with standard recording equipment


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