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   Gives full control of camera/lens/pan/tilt/accessories

The SBRX has been developed over a number of years to provide the systems integrator with a robust and reliable camera control system which can be used with virtually any Electro-Optical system. The on-board processor can be readily programmed to personalise the control functions for specific EO systems. When used with the plug in pre-set board, the SBRX becomes a 'robotic' controller, where the positions of all the motorised functions can be memorised and stored on board. This enables EO systems to perform autonomously after the operator has taught it a sequence., either by keyboard or via a computer.

6 standard 1amp relays allow for 'ban-ban' operation of AC pan & Tilts or motors. Typically these are used for pan/tilt plus lens functions, but can be used to change over fields of view in Thermal Imagers or Multi-Focal Length optical systems etc. One heavy-duty relay is normally used for switching on an illuminator or other power hungry device without the need for external relays.

  • 'Bullet proof' 80C31 Processor
  • RS232 input/output
  • RS422/485 input/output
  • 4 PWM Servo Drivers
  • 6 Relay outputs
  • Heavy duty relay output
  • On board ident for multi receiver sites
  • On board 8K RAM
  • 32K Eprom socket
  • Processor bus expansion port
  • Plug in Preset board available
  • 12vdc

Variable speed motors are taken care of the 4 PWM servo drivers which enable variable speed control of DC motors.

The SBRX has been designed to interface with common standards and can be used as a terminated RS422/485 receiver or part of a loop system. Different protocols can be accommodated in software, for example CANBUS for vehicle or NMEA0183 for marine applications.

When used in combined control systems, e.g. wireless and cable, the PCB will automatically cut one system connection when the second is connected, enabling a wireless system to automatically be disabled if an umbilical cable is connected.

The SRBX is part of a series of OEM products for integrators, which include time/date/data/graphics inserters and Image reversal PCBs.


  • Naval Gun Fire Systems
  • Fighting Vehicle Sensor Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Wireless Control Cameras
  • Integrated EO Systems
  • RPV Camera Control
  • EOD Vehicles
  • Remote Control Vehicles
  • Balloon Camera Systems
  • Elevated Platform Surveillance
  • Mast Antenna Control
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