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   EMC Class A Fixed & Zoom Cameras With extended Temperature Range

The 2553 Colour Camera is designed to meet the demanding requirements of military land service vehicles, and as a result is, rugged and tolerant of abuse over a wide enviromental range. Although designed for military work, the camera is ideally suited to commercial applications where reliability is essential and the 2553 gives this reliability at costs much less than normally associated with Mil Spec equipment.

This extended temperature option includes a specially bonded front window of Borofloat coupled with a Hot Mirror which reflects heat but allows visible light to enter the camera.

The system is ideal for applications including remote control Fire-fighting vehicles, EOD `wheelbarrows', and other remote control vehicles, such as forklift trucks and mine clearance vehicles.

The camera can be fitted with a variety of lenses including fixed lenses from 2.5mm-12.0mm and also a 12:1 zoom lens. The fixed lenses range from 102 to 23 horizontal field of view, and the zoom version has a zoom range of 4.3 - 48.8

  • Meets EMC Class A requirements
  • Meets MoD Enviromental specifications
  • Sealed & Pressurised to IP68
  • Bonded hot mirror and Borofloat Front
  • Ruggedised v Choice of Fixed or 12:1 zoom lens
  • Auto/manual Focus in Zoom camera
  • Extended temperature range
  • Full remote control of zoom lens
  • Optional light for close range work
  • Wiper option
  • 12 vdc with 24vdc option
  • PAL or NTSC
  • Lexan protective front window option

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