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   Modular Remote Control Camera System

MAVIS was originally designed to fulfil a military requirement for remote observation of a target, and has since found applications in many other areas where high quality pictures are needed to be viewed from a safe distance.

Mavis consists of two main units - a camera system and a control unit. The self contained control unit has a 6in colour LCD monitor, speaker and camera/PTZ controls. A built in battery and charger allows the whole system to operate away from a power source.

A Hi8 VCR is fitted to the control unit which will record and replay any incident. In the event of a microphone link `drop out' the picture will freeze frame.

The camera system is supplied complete with a tripod, battery pack,controller, carry case and battery charger where operation in hazarddous areas is envisaged, an umbilical cable is available to connect the control unit with the camera system, eliminating the RF emissions.

Recent applications include Emergency Services at accident scenes, fires and chemical incidents, Military Bases for temporary perimeter security, Bomb Disposal remote viewing and Police Surveillance. In surveillance operations, the camera can be operated directly from a rapid response vehicle parked nearby.

MAVIS is compatible with the whole range of Britannia surveillance systems including covert hide cameras. When used in conjunction with a perimeter detection system or any alarm generator, the camera can be programmed to automatically move to cover the area covered by the alarm

The Camera Head and Tripod are fitted with specially designed quick release brackets, which ensure rigid and stable attachment without complicated procedures, bolts or the need to use even the simplest tools.

When used without the tripod, specialist brackets enable the Camera Head to be fitted to Aerial Platforms, incident Vehicles, Roof Ridges, Mastheads, Observation Vans and Command and Control Vehicles.

MAVIS is fully compatible with our CellSend system for transmitting video pictures via GSM Cellphone and the control unit can receive pictures and sound from our range of body worn and helmet mounted camera systems.

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Battery and/or mains operation
  • Powerful zoom lens
  • Day/Night CCD camera
  • White light or IR Lamp built in
  • Microwave video/audio transmission
  • Built in Freeze Frame if link fails
  • Radio remote control system
  • Umbilical cable available for hazardous area use
  • Designed for arduous enviroments
  • Suitable for Police, Fire and Military users
  • Built in Hi8 VCR
  • Outputs for RBR high power broadcast repeater
  • Built in GSM picture transmission system option

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