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   Portable or vehicle-mounted 24-hour CCTV surveillance system

HY-SPY is a fully transportable TV system which can be easily and rapidly deployed at the scene of any incident by non technical personnel.

The system has been designed for use by military, police and anti-terrorist units. All control and image transmissionis by single rugged cable which connects the colour monitor to the camera housing. All the remote control and speech circuits are built in to the monitor and the operator has a simple control panel. To deploy the system, the operator simply plugs the monitor into a power socket on the supplied generator, and runs out a single cable to the camera housing. The housing fits on to the pan/tilt using quick release wedges, and the pan/tilt connects to the housing. Accessories, such as the Infra-red light and the loudspeaker / microphone, also connect into the camera housing. All connectors are MIL specification types and cannot be plugged in wrongly.

HY-SPY is supplied with a 6.7m-long pneumatic mast, which is only 1.8m when retracted, and a tripod for deployement in and around buildings. The mast can be extended using the footpump or electronic compressor in less than 2 minutes. The total into action time of the system is less than 10 minutes, and a trained operator would take around 5 minutes.

The system components are all packed in air transportable cases, marked for easy recognition. Field systems can be used in vehicles with the appropriate adaptor kit and similarly vehicle systems can be dismounted and used as field portable units if the adaptor kit is supplied.

Each basic HY-SPY system is complete with a colour-by-day, monochrome-by-night automatic changeover camera in a weatherproof housing, motorised 8.5-120mm zoom lens, wiper, infra-red lights with a white light capability, pan/tilt, pneumatic masts, generators etc. And no external equipment or power is required for full operation. Even a generator is supplied for deployement in rural areas.

The HY-SPY control system enables the operator to move the camera in azimuth and elevation. Full lens control means that the powerful zoom lens can be used to give maximum coverage of an accident, either for a general view, or, a close up for identification and evidence gathering. The HY-SPY system can memorise eight positions or targets, and the operator can select any one at the touch of a button. This feature can be interfaced with external sensors to automatically instruct the camera to move to the scene of a perimeter intrusion or other alarm generating incident. Additionally, the camera can visit each target in turn and dwell at each for a time decided by the operator. Using this `tour' feature, the operator can automatically scan a sector or a perimeter.

A remote control system is available as an option, This enables the camera to be up to 3-5km from the control point, depending on the ground. A local generator or mains supply is used to power the camera directly. The picture and sound is transmitted back to the control point using a microwave link, and control is by radio data link. The system appears transparent to the operator, who controls the system as normal.

  • Fully ruggedised for all-weather operation
  • Simple to operate and very fast into action
  • Standard system requires only single cable connection
  • Wireless video and control option
  • Vehicle system includes electric compressor
  • 12vdc or 24vdc vehicle system
  • Cable control up to 1000m from monitor
  • Bi-directional audio from camera head
  • Interfaces to external alarm systems
  • Colour/monochrome changeover camera
  • Full enviromental protection
  • Mains or generator operation


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