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   Video pictures and remote control via mobile phone

    A simple to use, high quality picture system to transmit images over a GSM/SatPhone system with full camera control. CellSend enables high quality images to be sent from a TV camera to any suitably equipped site across the globe.

The CellSend system can use analogue mobile phone data systems, GSM mobile data systems, Satellite comminication and landline phone systems, to send video images and also control data in the opposite direction. If the system data bandwidth is 19.2kb or greater then duplex audio can also be sent alongside video.

The CellSend system is designed to be user friendly. When installed in a mobile vehicle or man-pack, it can send images back to a controller at the touch of a button. The system can store dozens of pre-programmed numbers, and control can phone in to check on remote sites if necessary.

Each CellSend system can connect to up to 10 cameras at each site and, upon alarm, will automatically dial control and transmit the images. Alternatively, control can dial in to any one of the cameras. If they are Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras it can control them as well!

Different users have different requirements. CellSend allows the user to select speed of transmission against quality of picture. There are five selectable picture qualities to choose from, and either end of the link can choose the quality.

  • Simple to use
  • Transmit images to anywhere in the world
  • Designed to support mobile applications
  • Send tactical, medical or intelligence images
  • High-quality video
  • Can be connected to a landline phone system
  • Optional audio (depending on digital bandwidth)
  • Up to 10 cameras per remote site
  • Full remote control of cameras at remote sites
  • Pre and post alarm facilities per site


CellSend uses image compression and conditional refresh to speed up the transmission rates. Over CellPhone one can realistically expect update rates of one new quality picture every 3-5 seconds. Using a standard landline the rates increase to 0.4-1.2 seconds for a medium quality image to 2.5 seconds for a very high-quality image. ISDN gives even faster transmission, 0.4 second for a medium-quality image is usual, and the faster ISDN lines (128Kbps) can give 0.3 second for a picture update. These are real figures based on real trials on real pictures on real networks - not theoretical figures.

CellSend is the only system developed for ease of use, flexibility, reliability and user friendliness. If you need something out of the ordinary please contact us.

CellSend can send images of confrontations, medical emergencies, remote inspection, surveillance, indeed anywhere where a picture `will tell a thousand stories'.


Police Patrol Vehicles Special Forces Insertion Teams Customs & Excise Intelligence Agencies Surveillance Squads Front Line Soldiers Paramedics Remote automatic camera systems Marine Fire Services Incident control vehicles Public Order

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