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   Military, instrumentation and surveillance

    Britannia 2000 has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of military, trials and surveillance camera systems, Products include radar boresight cameras, gun alignment cameras and fire control cameras. Contact Britannia 2000 for systems to fulfil your operational requirements.

Gun Fire control cameras are available with day only or day/night capability. A wide range of lens options are available, including refractive and Maksutov Cassegrain mirror zoom lenses.

Options include electronic graticules, serial link control and interfaces to other optronic systems.

The GACO 1 Gun alignment camera is a precision boresight camera fitted with a taper adaptor to fit a self centring gun bore adaptor. Adaptors are available for all calibres. The GACO 1 features solid state automatic light compensation to avoid any moving parts. The GACO 1 is also supplied with a calibrated electronic graticule insertion unit which can annotate trials and text data on to the video.

Head up display (HUD) cameras are available with automatic iris or automatic electronic gating, depending on the HUD refresh rate. High resolution colour or monochrome versions are available together with a Hi8 VCR.

Other cameras for trials used are available with fibre optic or microwave links.

The 9465 Surveillance camera is a colour/third generation camera system complete with a 54x zoom lens and full electronic remote control. The control system also includes pan/tilt, IR lamps, wiper etc.

The camera is available as a standalone version for integration in to an existing system or complete with pan/tilt, IR lamps and a control console which includes a built-in Hi8 VCR.

Vehicle mounted systems are supplied with a pneumetic mast controlled from the console. The console also provides for full switching of up to five other video sources to the VCR, monitor and optional printer.

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