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     For use with body-worn and portable equipment
Vest and Telescopic pole illustrated is the BWVEST battle jacket, which is internally wired to take cameras, battery packs, a miniature VCR, and microwave transmitter and personal viewer.

Extra pouches allow for additional cameras, sawiches, telescopic pole etc. to be carried. Available in leather or nylon.

The BWCH 1 Chest Harness places the camera at the sternum which is the most stable part of the body during motion. Various cameras can be clipped on to the harness and a microwave transmitter can be attached at the rear. The harness can be worn over body armour.

Also shown is the BWBP 1 battery belt.

SLA Rechargeable battery A range of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) rechargeable battery packs for heavy duty use.These battery packs are for use with mobile camera systems, and extending the operational time of portable equipment with built-in batteries, such as the Britannia 2000 TeleCase and MAVIS.

All Battery cases are fitted with battery charge indicators and carry cases.

Rechargeable 12vdc Nickel Metal Hydride battery packs are used in body-worn and portable applications where memory capacity and weight are important. The NiMH battery packs do not exhibit the `memory effect' associated with NiCAD batteries, and are approximately 50 percent of the weight of an equivalent capacity
SLA battery 2.1ah and 4ah versions available.

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