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   Long Range Surveillance Camera

    The 9465 surveillance camera was designed to fulfil a requirement for a low maintenance, powerful, yet relatively light, camera system which would operate day and night.
The camera is fitted with a 27x zoom lens with a motorised x2 extender that effectively provides a zoom ratio of 54x. The compact lens design enables the overall lenghth of the camera to be only 71cm long and 150mm diameter. An optional remote control decoder can be fitted to the rear of the camera. (Pictured above)
The effective zoom lens range is from 14mm to 770mm, which gives an angular range of zoom lens gives fields of view from approximately 17 to 0.31. An additional X2 extender can be fitted to double the magnification.
During the day the camera operates as a colour camera. As light falls the camera will switch to monochrome. As the light falls further the intensifier section switches in to the optical path and the camera operates as a 3rd generation system.

Sealed & Pressurised to IP68
Colour/3rd gen. Changeover system
Automatic or manual changeover
54:1 zoom range
Full remote control or serial link
Optional IR or white lights
Optional pan/tilt unit v Wiper option
12vdc with 24vdc option
Vehicle mount or tripod mount available

The camera can be fitted with a wiper and pan/tilt mounting base plate, which also carries the remote control receiver. The receiver to drive the camera processes information from a keyboard. A variety of controllers can be provided, from vehicle consoles to portable cases.


Remote Control Receiver Control Keyboard Washer Wiper Variable Speed Pan/Tilt Infra-red lamps Pneumatic Mast Tripod System TeleCase

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