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   Remote Control Serial Data Radio

    The 2578-1000 RCSDR was developed to control the Britannia range of cameras, pan/tilt systems, and electro-optical sensor packages. To control sophisticated camera systems, the serial data from the RCSDR is fed directly to the Britannia 2000 Single Board Receiver (SBRx), which provides servo and relay outputs to cameras and pan/tilt units, or any Electro-Optical System. The open architecture of the RCSDR means that the system can also be used for a wide variety of remote control applications, including robotic vehicle systems, controlling all the equipment in a remote surveillance vehicle, switching on/off multiple sensing systems on a trials site, and remote data logging. The RCSDR can also be used to pass a variety of data from remote sensors, which detect intruders, instead of the normal 'alarm' message transmitted by other systems.

Britannia 2000 can provide keyboards and enclosures to meet user requirements, and will fully tailor systems for specific applications.

  • Compatible with Britannia Camera Systems
  • RS232 I/F for connection to 3rd party systems
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Platform Position Tell Back
  • Electro-Optical Sensor Controls
  • MIL Spec
  • Can be used for any remote control link
  • Custom keypad design
  • Multi-Channel for use as a repeater


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