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   A small mini DV video/audio recorder adapted for use in helicopters and police vehicles

The 2573 VCR is the latest in a line of specialist products developed by Britannia 2000 for the Police, Customs and Para-Military user. Using the experience gained in the manufacture of our 2020 Airborne Hi8 VCR, the 2573 offer excellent performance at a low cost for airborne equipment.

The VCR uses the latest mini DV cassettes and has a recording time of 2 hours in Long Play mode or 11/2 hrs in Standard Play. Twin audio tracks enable stereo recording or radio and intercom commentaries to be recorded.

The VCR is normally mounted vertically, so as to minimise the front - back depth. It takes up only 60mm of space. A separate mounting plate can be supplied for modification to suit unusual fitting arrangements in the aircraft or vehicle. Anti-vibration mounts can be fitted between the VCR base plate and the vehicle or aircraft mounting surface. A hinged access panel allows the operator to change cassettes easily and quickly.

  • Vertical or Horizontal mounting
  • Front panel and remote control
  • 12vdc or 24/28vdc (option)
  • Waterproof
  • Shock & Vibration resistant
  • Anti condensation heaters
  • Latest digital recording system
  • Built in perfect slow motion replay
  • Optional battery pack for field use
  • External trigger option for remote START
  • Radio remote control option for unattended sites

The buttons are engraved so that the legends can be read when the VCR is mounted vertically or horizontally. LED indicators are dimmable. A model 2573-4 remote control panel can be connected to the VCR, which does not inhibit the normal button panel operation. For more complex control a serial link controller and a radio remote control interface are available.

The 2573 can be operated from a 24-28vdc aircraft supply or from a 12vdc supply. Voltage operations should be defined at time of order.

A range of accessories including a time/date generator, and audio record inhibit are available and special to purpose modifications to the standard product are frequently undertaken.

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