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   EMC Class A Monochrome and Colour HiRes Camera

   The 2554 High resolution monochrome camera is designed to meet the demanding enviroments of military land service requirements, and as a result is rugged and tolerant of abuse over a wide enviromental range. Although designed for military work, the camera is ideally suited to commercial applications where reliability is essential and the 2554 gives this reliability at costs much less than normally associated with Mil Spec equipment.
The system is ideal for applications such as Indirect Viewing, EOD `wheelbarrows', remote control vehicles, and for surveillance in harsh and inaccessible enviroments. Whilst designed to meet Land Service specifications, the camera will also meet the requirements for Naval Vessels and can be used in a variety of applications such as monitoring flight decks, machinery spaces, winches and for weapons trials. The camera can be fitted with a choice of lenses which includes an ultra wide angle variant.

Meets EMC Class A requirements
Meets MoD Enviromental specifications
Sealed to IP66
Side connector for restricted spaces
>560 TV line resolution Monochrome
>350 TV line resolution Colour
Various lens options
Extended temperature range option
No user adjustments
Optional light
12vdc with 24vdc option
CCIR or RS170
Lexan3 protective front window option


Indirect Viewing Hazardous Enviroments Low Temperature Area Surveillance Machinery Spaces Deck Winch Monitoring Morring Assistance Mobile Surveillance EMC Chamber Monitoring Perimeter Protection Portable Intruder Detection Vehicle systems

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