Britania 2000 - Specialising In survelliance System

Britannia 2000 Ltd. is a UK Company specilising in Surveillance System. We manufacture a wide range of products for use by Government Agencies, Police Forces, Special Forces, Customs and Fire Services. In addition to manufacturing our own products, we also are able to incorporate other manufacturers equipment into complete systems to fulfil specific surveillance tasks. Examples of these are Vehicle Tracking Systems, Special Lenses, Mast mount systems, Search and Rescue Camera Equipment and Night Vision equipment.


TeleCase is the latest development in the range of Britannia 2000 surveillance systems. The basic TeleCase is fitted with a 10in. Active colour LCD screen, a Hi8 videocassette recorder, rechargeable battery pack and a Search Probe camera connector. All TeleCases are designed to allow easy upgrades.

Helmet Cameras

Helmet Cameras with microwave picture transmission. The cameras can be built in to a user supplied helmet or mounted on a side attachment. The attachment places the camera at eye level and can be mounted on the left or right of the helmet.


Video pictures and remote control via mobile phone. A simple to use, high quality picture system to transmit images over a GSM/SatPhone system with full camera control. CellSend enables high quality images to be sent from a TV camera to any suitably equipped site across the globe.


The SearchProbe camera has been designed as part of a Search and Rescue package which enables fire fighters and emergency services the ability to view inaccessible objects using this small TV camera.


MAVIS was originally designed to fulfill a military requirement for remote observation of a target, and has since found applications in many other areas where high quality pictures are needed to be viewed from a safe distance.


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